Survey: Average Michigander would pay almost $50 for miracle hangover cure

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A survey of over 3,050 adults by, a provider of addiction treatment resources, found the average Michigander would pay $49 for a miraculous instant hangover cure, compared to a national average of $42.

Across the country, it was found those in Louisiana would be willing to sacrifice the most money ($83) for their hangover to do an instant disappearing act. Comparatively, Mainers seemed to have mastered how to deal with hangovers slightly better with people there willing to pay just $15 for a miracle cure.

In a separate survey of 1,073 drinkers, 36% said they would willingly pay for all future drinks to never experience a hangover again.

More than half (56%) of drinkers said they have sworn to never drink again after having dealt with an unbearable hangover. For plenty of people, a big night out has led to a day so horrible, all alcohol is sworn off. However, for some, this ode to abstinence doesn’t last, and after a few weeks, they find themselves at the mercy of yet another hangover.

Additionally, 12% of drinkers admitted to having missed an important work deadline or meeting due to a hangover. advised the only true and proven way to prevent a hangover is simply to stop drinking altogether.

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