MudPenny adds dinner service at Ada location

Courtesy MudPenny

The Ada location of a local café is adding dinner service.

MudPenny Head Chef Spencer Drudy said in a Facebook post this week that the café’s location at 496 Ada Drive SE in Ada now is serving dinner, with the next available reservation on Thursday, May 12.

“It’s going to be a family-style menu, and it’s going to be a really new thing for Ada,” Drudy said.

The restaurant added in an email that it wants its restaurant at dinnertime “to be a place of sharing and connecting with your loved ones.”

“Each dish is designed to pair with another, so that you order the combination of food that you want to share with your table,” MudPenny said.

The menu includes appetizers ranging from $9-$12, meat and fish entrees from $23-$29 apiece, $12-$13 fruit and vegetable sides, and grains ranging from $10-$14.

The full menu is here.

People can make reservations online.

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