Juice Bar Opens Doors in Eastown

Fruition Grand Rapids
Fruition Grand Rapids

Perched on the corner of Lake Dr. and Robinson Road, Fruition is ready to serve up acai bowls, fruit smoothies and green juices. You can also find bagels, avocado toast and wraps to tame your appetite.

Fruition, at 1405 Lake Dr. SE, opened quietly in April and has quickly been attracting customers. The space is brightly lit with floor to ceiling windows and offers a modern atmosphere. Items are made to-go but there is plenty of seating if you want to linger for a bit before heading out for some shopping in the bustling corridor.

The shop’s menu is centered on acai, blackish-purple berries that have gained popularity due to their “super food” status.

The berries are packed with antioxidants, fiber, calcium and heart healthy fats, and have been nicknamed “purple gold” for their proclaimed health benefits.

According to its website, Fruition is owned by two sisters who are “living our best lives.”

*Photo courtesy of Fruition

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