Brewery Vivant drops new saisons

Courtesy Brewery Vivant

‘Tis the season to introduce new beer at Brewery Vivant.

The Belgian-style brewery at 925 Cherry St. SE is dropping three new beers with its Saison D’etre Weekend promotion this weekend, Aug. 5-7.

Saison D’etre, is a take on the French phrase “raison d’etre,” which means “reason for being,” and is aptly titled. The reason the business was created was to brew unique beer in the Belgian tradition.

In Belgium, French is one of the three official languages. Saison beers are seasonal beers historically brewed to quench the thirst of seasonal employees who worked to bring in the yearly harvest.

The first is a beer called San Gria, a fruited sour ale the brewery describes as “packed with scintillating flavors of white grape, apple, pear, blood orange and a skosh of blueberry and blackberry.”

The second is Essential Saison, a dry and food-friendly farmhouse ale brewed with spelt and rye.

Lastly is Wild Fruit Farm Hand, a single-barrel sour made barrel used to ferment port wine. The barrel also was used by Speciation Artisan Ales to make a fermentation ale before Vivant acquired it and filled it with its flagship beer, Farm Hand.

While these saisons are not high in alcohol content, they are not to be confused with session ales, beers with a low alcohol content traditionally made for English factory workers so they could drink on the job during two daily sessions.

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