Beverage retailer blends old and new


The former Russo’s International Market is gone, but if the new tenants have their say, it will not be forgotten.

Family-owned beverage retailer MEGA-BEV opened a store in the former market’s space, 2770 29th St. SE, Grand Rapids, earlier this month.

“For those of you that shopped at Russo’s we will continue to offer the gourmet grocery section as well as the deli items you love,” said a MEGA-BEV post on Facebook. “You will also be happy to hear Dave Russo has decided to join our staff and will continue to be available to assist with your wine selections.”

Russo and his brother Phil Russo closed their business in August and announced plans to retire.

MEGA-BEV, which also has locations in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Portage, Hastings, Lansing and Marshall, offers a full range of domestic and craft beer, wine and liquor, as well as the grocery section and full deli customers enjoyed while shopping at the former Russo’s.

MEGA-BEV is owned by the Niecko family, which has two dozen years of experience in the adult beverage industry.

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