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Recommended reads as we slip into the darkest days of winter
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There’s been a lot of talk about abolishing the tradition of winding back the clock, but to date, no legislation has been passed. The official day we “fall back” this year is set for this weekend, Sunday, Nov. 5. But do not worry, the long cold winter that’s approaching offers tons of time to curling up with a good book.

Here are some recommendations from Mike O’Brien of the Book Cellar in Grand Haven.

First up, is a twofer from Author David Grann!

Killers of the Flower Moon from 2018 is soon to be a major motion picture. Set in the 1920s, this stellar non-fiction must-read tells the story of members of the Osage nation in Oklahoma that were systematically killed off when oil was discovered beneath their lands. This horrifying case sets up the establishment of the FBI.

The Wager is an equally riveting true story of shipwreck, survival, and depravity leading to a shocking court martial that must be read to be believed! David Grann has a true talent when it comes to taking history and turning into an absolutely riveting read. The Wager recounts the testimony of two sets of survivors from a ship that was wrecked while chasing a Spanish treasure-filled galleon. The two groups of survivors– found months apart– tell wildly different stories of the tyrannical, murderous anarchy that resulted in the deaths and the stranding of many Wager sailors. The ending is as shocking as it is horrific!

On the other end of the non-fiction reading list is I’m Glad my Mom Died by Jeanette McCurdy. This memoir by the star of iCarly and Sam and Cat is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Momager and child stardom take center stage in this emotional roller coaster. This memoir exposes the seedy underbelly of childhood stardom and the mothers who feed it. Jeanette is a well-paid actress who is broke, broken, anxiety ridden and a self-loathing star who ends up with eating disorders, serious addictions and zero self-worth. Things take a positive turn when self-love, therapy and a new lease on life bring Jeanette back from the brink.

Read The Daydreams by Laura Hankin for a fictitious view of what it’s like to be a star like Jeanette McCurdy. Hilarious and repulsive, this take on a fictional group of people starring in a teenage sitcom is a fun companion to I’m glad my Mom Died. Set thirteen years after a scandalous live season finale show, Daydreams gives you a look into the lives of four stars who went down very different paths, and how those paths come back together. Reading the two books will have you daydreaming about what a Sam and Cat reunion would look like.

Finally, we shall end this list of recommendations on a Musical note with Beyond the Story:10-Year Record of BTS by BTS, Myeongseok Kang (and translators). It is hard to believe that our ears have been graced for TEN amazing years by the harmonic voices of this iconic musical act. Celebrate these global artists with a look back at their steps into the international spotlight! Loaded with photos, track lists, and QR codes to over 330 photos and videos. This is a remarkable must-have for very music lover!

Look for all of these amazing reads at your local independent bookshop.

The Book Cellar, located at 8 N. 7th Street in Grand Haven, offers free shipping on all books by calling 616-296-0465.

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