Sperry’s Moviehouse answers popcorn shortage with other concessions

Courtesy Sperry's Moviehouse

Since “movie theater popcorn shortage” ended up on the pandemic Bingo card, Sperry’s Moviehouse has other food options for patrons.

At its Holland and Port Huron locations, patrons can order freshly made, chef-prepared burgers, pizza, baskets and bowls, and mac and cheese for consumption in the theater.

The two-location silver screen chain attributes the movie theater popcorn shortage to supply chain issues — farmers are reluctant to grow popping corn because of shipping delays, plus there’s a shortage of the kind of paper used to make the jumbo buckets so common to theater concession stands everywhere.

Sperry’s menu items have movie-themed names, such as My Big Fat Greek Burger, Olive and Let Die Pizza, The Devil Wears Pasta and the Grate Macsby. Appetizers include Close Encounters of the Curd Kind, Lord of the Onion Rings and Pretzel Without a Cause.

Domestic and craft beers, seltzers and ciders, cocktails and specialty beers also are available.

Patrons can order their food and drink from Sperry’s second-floor Dinnerhouse menu at least 15 minutes before showtime, and items will be brought to them in the theater. Sperry’s recliners have pull-up trays and in-arm cup holders, so moviegoers don’t need to juggle their refreshments in a darkened theater.

For those who want popcorn, Sperry’s still has it.

More information is at sperrysmoviehouse.com.

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