See ‘The Womb’ at Meijer Gardens

Life in Death by Rebecca Louise Law
"Life in Death" by Rebecca Louise Law. Courtesy Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

A new exhibition making use of more than 1 million plants will be on display at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

“Rebecca Louise Law: The Womb” will be showcased starting Sept. 20 in spaces preceding the main gallery.

The installation includes an existing collection of about 1 million flowers and plant material, as well as 10,000 flowers and plants gathered on site.

The exhibition details the natural decaying process of plant-based materials.

“I like to capture and treasure small, beautiful natural objects to create an artwork that can be observed without the pressure of time,” Law said.

“Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of the earth with the world is what drives me.”

The exhibition “explores the relationship between humankind and nature and the sensation of being cocooned in nature and the fantasy of being naturally enveloped.”

The artwork surrounding the installation will “look in detail at the womb as a natural cocoon.”

“We have been aware of Rebecca’s work for some time and are very excited to be working with her,” said Laurene Grunwald, director of sculpture, art collections, exhibitions and installations, Meijer Gardens.

“Her concern for the environment and practice of sustainability is a perfect fit for us, along with the literal combination of sculpture and horticulture, which directly mirrors our mission.”

The exhibition will be open until March 1.

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