Celebration Cinema North makes upgrades

Courtesy Celebration Cinema

A local movie theater is making a $4 million investment in its seating, audio and visual systems. 

Celebration Cinema North is adding new reclining seating and updated projectors and speakers to its 18 auditoriums over four months.

Renovations will begin July 31 and are expected to conclude Nov. 18, with changes being added in stages to allow the theater to remain open. 

Seats will be removed from the auditoriums, the stadium-tiered platforms will be reconfigured to accommodate the larger footprint of recliners, and new luxury recliners will be installed. 

“Recliner comfort has improved tremendously over the past decade,” said Emily Loeks, spokesperson for Celebration Cinema. “I was a skeptic and have been completely won over.” 

The most significant improvement is that the footrest fully elevates prior to the back reclining. 

“This is more comfortable for those of us who wish to remain seated upright while enjoying a slider, pizza or another offering from the theater’s expanded food and beverage menu,” Loeks said. 

Celebration Cinema secured zero gravity spectrum recliners with heated backs and swivel tray tables from Walker-based Irwin Seating. 

In addition to seating upgrades, the theater is investing in projection technology to improve the audio and visual experience for theater-goers. The cinema’s largest auditoriums will be receiving new Christie 4K RGB Pure Laser projectors for a brighter, higher contrast and more vibrant image. These projectors also are able to project films created for high frame rate presentations. The remaining auditoriums will be upgraded to Xenon projectors: creating 15,000 lumens of brightness, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and capable of producing 35.2 trillion colors.

Celebration Cinema expects renovations to be completed just in time for blockbuster releases such as “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” “Avatar: the Way of Water” and “Shazam! Fury of the Gods.” 

“We’ve been planning to make these investments for a few years but hit a bit of a bump with the pandemic,” Loeks said. “The good news is that our industry is recovering. Major movies like ‘Maverick,’ ‘Minions,’ ‘Elvis’ and ‘Thor’ re-energized ‘normal’ moviegoing over the summer. We now have the capacity to dive fully back into our mission: creating space for the best moviegoing experiences around. Our team is thankful. We are eager to welcome friends, family and community back to the movies.”

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