Author: Sarah Spohn

Sarah Spohn has degrees in journalism and communications. She uses said degrees to go on cupcake crawls, interview bands, and get to know the behind-the-scenes story on the coolest up-and-coming local shops and eateries across the mitten. Smitten is right.
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Women's City Club at Cork.

Women’s City Club Looks to Reinvent Itself After 94 Years

There’s an old phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” To many, family members mean a full heart. To some, great friends often become as close as family. For the Grand Rapids Women’s City Club, members found both family and a sense of home at the historic 1860s Heritage Hills home, the Sweet House, which the club had occupied since 1927. This past April, due to financial reasons, the club said goodbye to its long-term home and entered into uncharted territory.