Author: Kerri VanderHoff

Kerri VanderHoff enjoys attending arts & cultural events and sharing them with others through her writing. She also spends summers sailing Lake Michigan, off seasons teaching at GVSU and MCC, and in between works in consulting.
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The Burnt Part Boys Actors' Theatre Grand Rapids

Theater review: ‘The Burnt Part Boys’

It’s easy to enjoy the teenagers who take center stage in the latest production by Actors’ Theatre, “The Burnt Part Boys.” The family dynamics between older and younger teens, separated by just four years, is explored. The 14-year-olds are still in a bit of a make-believe world, while the older boys are taking on the realities of manhood. The conflict that ensues puts each on an adventure up a West Virginia mountainside, one group hot on the trail of the other. It’s within that concurrent journey their stories emerge.

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Grand Rapids Civic Theatre stages "All the Way."

“All the Way” peels back political layers, examines the messy means to an end goal

Political fatigue may be setting in around the country as many tire of polarized conversations that seem to go nowhere but down. Social media allows people to be more ‘involved’ in politics than ever before, but without true access to the long-term, behind-the-scenes political processes most just get to argue about the remote tips of the icebergs, the end results that are simplified in message for public platforms.

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Actors' Theater presents "Passing Strange."

“Passing Strange” Reveals As Much About The Audience As It Does The Main Character

Sometimes you are on the inside, sometimes on the outside; sometimes you are straddling the two. Sometimes you’re before, sometimes after, sometimes right there in the moment. Relatability comes from one side and perspective from the other; juxtaposition of the two creates meaning. Humor, too, and in this case, some really great music as well!