Lions & Rabbits paints the town

Artist Lindsey Katzman's art can be seen at 221 Lake Drive, SE.

East Grand Rapids just turned drainage into artistry, teaming up with Lions and Rabbits Center for the Arts to paint the town – or rather, the sidewalks – with stunning stormwater drain artwork. Let’s dive into this fusion of creativity and conservation!

Water swirl by Tyler Genthe, 650 Lakeside Drive SE. Photo by Gabriel Rose.

Thanks to the Meijer Foundation’s $25,000 grant, artists brought flair to drains around the city. Avery Bishop’s pink flower at 750 Lake Drive SE, Devin DuMond’s fishy patterns at 698 Laurel Ave. SE, and Frances Dykema’s water-inspired art at 698 Lakeside Drive SE, are just a few of the charming stops along this artistic journey.

This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s art with a purpose. Lions and Rabbits’ Stormwater Drain Adoption Program teamed up with the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds. The result? Stunning visuals that also remind us about responsible water management.

Mayor Katie Favale’s enthusiasm is infectious: “They are the work of talented local artists who are supported by a well-respected nonprofit organization. These installations help beautify our community and serve as an important reminder that environmental stewardship, art, and creativity can bring people together.”

Loon swimming on a lake by Gus Medema, 2500 Boston St. SE. Photo by Gabriel Rose.

Wondering about the quirky side of art? A fish and flower combo by Linseed Frederick at 509 Manhattan Road SE, a water swirl by Tyler Genthe at 650 Lakeside Drive SE, and even an octopus in progress by Aleigha VanStee at 2325 Hall St. SE are bound to bring smiles.

“This project not only brings important environmental issues to light but also creates opportunities for our artists to achieve and sustain fulfilling careers,” said Lions and Rabbits Executive Director Hannah Berry. 

With each brushstroke, these artists weave eco-friendly magic. The paint they use is carefully chosen to be kind to the environment. And yes, it stays slip-free when it rains, ensuring art lovers stay upright!

Kristine Vander Velde’s floral composition. City of East Grand Rapids courtesy photo.

Dive into the colorful world of East Grand Rapids’ stormwater drain art, where every drain tells a story, and every splash of paint makes a difference. Visit to learn more about the art that’s turning drains into canvases and reminding us that art and nature can coexist in the most beautiful way.

A complete list of the drain art locations:

  • 750 Lake Drive SE, pink flower by Avery Bishop
  • 698 Laurel Ave. SE, fish and patterns by Devin DuMond
  • 698 Lakeside Drive SE, artwork by Frances Dykema
  • 1951 Wealthy St. SE, surfer by Phill Ferguson
  • 2011 San Lu Rae Drive SE, colorful fish by Claire Fisher
  • 509 Manhattan Road SE, fish and flower by Linseed Frederick
  • 650 Lakeside Drive SE, water swirl by Tyler Genthe
  • 221 Lake Drive SE, person in raincoat holding an umbrella by Lindsey Katzman
  • 2500 Boston St. SE, loon swimming on a lake by Gus Medema
  • 2425 Lake Drive SE, fish swimming in water by Maialen Murua
  • 1799 Wealthy St. SE, koi fish by Francis Schafer
  • 2162 Wealthy St. SE, butterflies and flowers by Kristine Vander Velde
  • 2325 Hall St. SE, octopus by Aleigha VanStee (in progress)
  • 2915 Hall St. SE, floral vines by Amnestie VerDuin
  • 2614 Reeds Lake Blvd. SE, coming soon

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