GRAM debuts print exhibit

Jasper Johns’ “Figure 7” from the color numeral series. Courtesy Grand Rapids Art Museum

The Grand Rapids Art Museum is displaying a new exhibit, “An Art of Changes: Jasper Johns Prints, 1960-2018,” until Jan. 8.

The exhibit showcases Johns’ printmaking in about 90 of his works. Some of his works were paintings that he reworked into print.

The prints are displayed in four thematic sections of the exhibits, which include Signs & Systems, In the Studio, Surfaces and Traces. Viewers will be able to see Johns’ prints in flags, targets, numerals and images that incorporate the tools, materials and techniques of mark-making.

“’An Art of Changes’ is one of the most beautiful exhibitions I have seen at GRAM,” stated GRAM Chief Curator Ron Platt. “Making prints was just as important to Johns as making paintings, and over his long career, he mastered the full range of printmaking processes and materials. Johns is rightly known as a deep thinker, but this exhibition proves how much he also loved working with different materials and processes to create works that dazzle the eye.”

Johns has created more than 350 prints in intaglio, lithography, wood and linoleum cut, screen printing, lead relief and blind embossing.

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