Rylee’s Wants You to Know the Different Ways to Grill!

Rylee's Ace Hardware backyard grill grilling

Looking to upgrade your backyard cooking setup this summer? Or, are you interested in experimenting with alternate outdoor cooking methods? With so many grill choices out there, it can be tough choosing which is best and why. Well, Rylee’s Ace Hardware wants to share a little about the best grills and cooking methods. Here is some helpful information to help you decide for yourself!

Gas grills

gas grill Weber
By Weber.

Folks love the spontaneity of cooking on propane gas grills. They are ready for cooking basically at the push of a button. Whether the kids are hungry for burgers and dogs or friends drop by for an impromptu gathering, you’ve got it covered! Plus, there is no end to the healthful cooking benefits that gas grills offer. According to Weber Grills, a proven leader in this field, “Grilling is more than what sears on the grate. It’s the experiences lived, memories created, and the friends and family brought together sharing the common love of good food.”

Charcoal grills

Old school Weber charcoal grill Rylee's Ace Hardware
Old school Weber charcoal grill.

Like the idea of old-school backyard grilling? Try charcoal. But, we need to warn you, today’s charcoal grilling is not like back in the day. You know, when your dad squirted a whole bottle of lighter fluid, and the coals nearly exploded to life with the flick of a match. While the charcoal method is one of the oldest, it offers some of the most creative techniques. Depending upon the types of coals you choose and how you arrange them, you can expect myriad results.

Pellet smokers

pellet smoker Traeger Rylee's Ace Hardware
Traeger smoker.

Back in 1987, Traeger invented the original wood pellet grill. And that changed the way many barbecue enthusiasts approached the grill. The wood imparts a flavor that no other method can duplicate. This smoker offers versatility to prepare not only meat but to smoke cheeses and nuts, as well as baking pizza and pies! Most provide a digitally controlled convection heating system that allows for easy temperature settings, creating a consistent cooking environment.

Kamado style

kamando grill Big Green Egg Rylee's Ace Hardware
The Big Green Egg.

The kamado-style, ceramic, egg-shaped grill has created nothing short of a phenomenon. The Big Green Egg has a dedicated following, bordering on a grilling cult. Most folks who own a Big Green Egg are obsessed — and with good reason. First, what sets them apart is that ceramic cookers use lump charcoal, not briquettes. They can smoke and grill any meat. Plus, you also can bake pizzas, pies and cookies. Eggs also can hold temperatures for more than 18 hours without adding more coals. Lastly, you can cook at temps as high as 600 degrees to sear steaks like the pros.

Get ready for grilling season

Rylee's Ace Hardware B-B-Q Fest flier

Learn more the Ace Hardware Neighborhood BBQ Fest, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, May 4 at Rylee’s Ace and Rockford Ace Hardware locations. We will be showing you how fun it is to grill and smoke using different types of grills.

Photos: Courtesy Rylee’s Ace Hardware

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