Can you believe the PetFest competition, presented by NutriSource Pet Foods, has come to an end? It’s true; after nearly two months filled with tons of submissions and thousands of votes, Grand Rapids Magazine’s hunt for the state’s cutest pet is coming to a bittersweet close.

All photos are posted here for the entire year, and the winner will be announced on September 15 and will be featured in our November/December issue. Grand Rapid’s “Cutest Pet” will also receive a professional photoshoot and a special gift from NutriSource Pet Foods!

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A special thank you to NutriSource for presenting.

Proceeds from the contest will benefit Humane Society of Western Michigan.

Nickname: Row-Row and Queen Rosey

Words that Describe Rosey: Kind, Respectful, Sweet, Patient, Generous, and Royal… also a bit bossy and loud when she’s hungry!

Favorite Things: She loves pumpkins, getting lots of cuddles and treats, jumping with her favorite toy, her lion cut, and all of the attention she gets when she’s at Whiskers!

Favorite Places: Sleeping in the sun at the top of the stairs or in the bay window, snuggling with her owner Kacie, and going on walks to the beach with her littermate brother, Indominus Rex, in their little wagon!

Favorite Pastime: Wrestling with her cat brother and playing with her favorite toy (a stuffed burger with elastic and lots of colorful strings!)

Silliest Quirk: Letting her owner Kacie give her baths without making a fuss always letting her brother sample what’s in her dish at mealtime.

Rosey is the 2021 winner of Grand Rapids Magazine’s PetFest, presented by NutriSource!