Lakeshore Museum Center to offer tours of historic homes

Courtesy Lakeshore Museum Center of Muskegon

The Lakeshore Museum Center will be hosting “An Evening with the Hackleys” from 6-9 p.m. Sept. 11 at the Hackley and Hume Historic Site, 484 W. Webster Ave. in Muskegon.

The event will begin with 15-minute tours of the Hackley and Hume homes and showcase traditions of parties in the 1800s. After the tours, there will be a dinner at 7:30 p.m. in the courtyard. The options on the menu will be from parties hosted by the Hackleys during the Victorian Era.

“This is certain to be a unique event and experience for those who are passionate about history,” said Historic Site Director Erin Schmitz. “We want people to feel like they are being transported through time, back to the era of Charles and Julia Hackley, having a dinner party like they would have had in the late 1800s. We are excited to use the menus from their actual parties and bring a little bit of bygone time to current-day Muskegon. We think this will be unlike any other party people have been to before.”

Tickets for the evening event are being sold by the table for a minimum donation of $1,000. It includes a tour of the houses, dinner for six guests and three drink tickets per guest. Individual tickets will not be sold.

To reserve a table, call (231) 724-5522. For more information about the Hackley and Hume Historic Site, visit

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