Eastern Kille Distillery offers Halloween cocktail kits for pickup


With Eastern Kille Distillery’s new cocktail kits, adults can have a Halloween treat, too.

Available for pickup now, these seasonal cocktails offer a way to celebrate Halloween in the comfort of home.

The Half Blood Prince cocktail kit can be ordered in the standard size of four cocktails or a party size of 12 cocktails. This kit makes blood red cocktails featuring raspberry, pomegranate, blueberry, sage and maple, along with Eastern Kille Aged Rum.

The Hot Rum Cider kit is intended to be created in a large batch and serves 20 cocktails. Featuring fresh, local cider, cinnamon, ginger, Aged Rum, and Appelflappen — the distillery’s apple liqueur — this kit creates a warm punch perfect for enjoying the cool holiday weekend.

Cocktail kits can be ordered online and picked up at the Eastern Kille tasting room at 700 Ottawa Ave. NW. Curbside delivery is available for those who wish to remain in their vehicles.

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