Watch a virtual performance of Grand Rapids Ballet

Yuka Oba-Muschiana in George Balanchine's "Allegro Brillante." Courtesy Jade Butler

Grand Rapids Ballet created a virtual program of past performances. Virtual Program I will be available online starting at 7 p.m. May 15 for 72 hours.

To access the Virtual Program I — featuring “Allegro Brillante,” “November” and “Extremely Close” — donate any amount online between April 27 and May 14. The Grand Rapids Ballet will send the necessary information to watch the performances online.

“Allegro Brillante,” with choreography by George Balanchine, was performed by Grand Rapids Ballet in October 2018. The performance featured the cast of Yuka Oba-Muschiana, Josue Justiz, Connie Flachs, Cassidy Isaacson, Madison Massara, Emily Reed, Isaac Aoki, Steven Houser, Branden Reiners and Matthew Wenckowski.

“November” was performed by Grand Rapids Ballet in February 2020. It was choreographed by Danielle Rowe, and the cast members were Reed, Adriana Wagenveld, Jimmy Cunningham, Wenckowski and Nathan Young.

“Extremely Close,” with choreography by Alejandro Cerrudo, was performed by the Grand Rapids Ballet in February 2019. The performance featured the cast of Oba-Muschiana, Wenckowski, Aoki, Isaacson, Reed, Nigel Tau, Levi Teachout and Wagenveld.

Virtual Program II will feature works by resident choreographer Penny Saunders, including a world premiere. More details will be available soon.

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