Interact with the ‘Design Zone’ exhibition

Grand Rapids Public Museum Design Zone exhibit Hit The Target game
Courtesy Grand Rapids Public Museum

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is opening a new interactive exhibit.

The museum will open “Design Zone,” a STEAM-based exhibit, on Oct. 19.

Visitors can explore three zones at the exhibition: art, including video game design, digital design and architecture; music, including stage sound, dance and DJ-ing; and engineering, including “the math and physics” behind movement, such as in a bike race and at a skate park.

The museum said “Design Zone” will be “especially great” for student groups.

“Students are going to be filled with curiosity when they enter ‘Design Zone,’” said Stephanie Ogren, VP of science and education, Grand Rapids Public Museum.

“The exhibit does a wonderful job of combining playful elements with critical thinking components that will allow students to revel in the excitement of seeing a task through from start to finish.”

More information on the exhibit is online.

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