Author: Julie Bonner Williams

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Photo by Johnny Quirin.

Finding Friends

“We’ve been here six and a half years. It’s time to put an expiration date on it and move on,” said Kim Carignan, 54, a resident of Grand Rapids’ northeast side. Carignan, who has lived in Detroit, Chicago, New York and Naples, Florida, said she and her husband haven’t been able to make the friendships they’d hoped for in West Michigan, something she said was easier in the other places she’s lived.

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The Rescuers

Peg Markle sat at a glass-top patio table on the wooden deck outside what is both her home and the site for Wildlife Rehab Center, 1504 Union Ave. NE. Sporting a pink T-shirt beneath an unbuttoned blue-on-blue shirt, Markle, the WRC executive director, was within reach of her coffee and her cordless phone, which seemed to ring every 10 minutes.