Ad Specifications




All creative is required to be delivered a minimum of three (3) business days prior to start date to ensure adequate time for testing, implementation, and corrections (if necessary).


Acceptable formats: GIF (animated okay), JPG, PNG. All colors saved in RGB for web.

LEADERBOARD: 728 x 90 pixels, 45K max file size
LARGE ISLAND: 300 x 600 pixels, 45K max file size
ISLAND: 300 x 250 pixels, 35K max file size
BILLBOARD: 970 x 250 pixels, 45K max file size
MOBILE LEADERBOARD: 320 x 50 pixels, 30K max file size


Dedicated eblasts should be either a single image or html formatted for display in email clients. All html must be submitted complete and ready for use; any changes must be completed by the submitting code author.
IMAGE: 600 x 600 pixels (minimum), may not exceed 600 x 1200 pixels. Images can only include one (1) link.
HTML: Should be tested, and reviewed for display in all major email clients prior to submitting.


PAGE: Must be designed based on the specifications of a print page. Contact your Advertising Coordinator for more information.
VIDEO CONTENT: Must be prepped and delivered in MP4, F4V, or FLV video format.
RECOMMENDED BITRATE: Between 300-700 kb/s
VIDEO DIMENSIONS: Variable, depending on original aspect ratio. MUST fit maximum file size limitation. 16:9 aspect ratio preferred, 720p usually provides satisfactory results.
EMBED LINKS: Links to video providers (YouTube, Vimeo) are okay provided EMBED is allowed in original settings.
RUN TIME: Must run for at least one second.


Professionals profiles include up to three (3) images with your annual listing. Images should be a minimum of 500 pixels in either direction.


AUDIO EVENTS: Not available.
VIDEO CONTENT: Must be formatted in Flash, according to specifications.
COMPANION POSITIONING: Can be implemented.
EXPANDING/PANELS: Not available.
THIRD PARTY TRACKING: Please inform your Account Manager or Ad Coordinator if third party tracking is requested; each provider requires different parameters or server settings to enable accurate third party tracking.


Frequency discounts earned by contracting in advance for the desired frequency to be run during the contract year. Minimum rate holder for larger units — 1/6 page. Contracts must be completed within one year of first insertion.

Payment terms for credit-approved Clients/ Agencies are net 10 days from date of invoice. Credit terms are available upon approval from Publisher’s credit department. A credit application must be completed and submitted one week prior to closing date. Client may submit an approved current and complete Dun & Bradstreet report (not just a rating). One-time advertisers are cash in advance. Cash discount of 5% for annual contracts of six or more insertions if paid in advance prior to first insertion deadline.

Production charges are in addition to space charges. Any alterations necessary to convert ads to either size, color or to meet printing specifications are subject to charges. Advertising submissions that require consultation services with the Hour Media LLC Design & Production Department staff are subject to additional charges, which will be separately itemized on billing invoices. The current rate for consultation by phone, fax, email, or in person is $90/ hour.

Clients & agencies are held liable jointly and severally for all advertising charges. No credit will be extended for any advertising orders or space reservations that claim sequential liability.

Acceptance of all advertisers and copy is subject to approval by publisher. No space may be purchased for resale. Publisher is not liable for damages if, for any reason, he fails to publish an advertisement. All advertisements are accepted and published by Publisher upon representation that Client/Agency is authorized to publish entire contents and subject matter thereof. Advertising that simulates editorial content must include word Advertisement above and/ or below.

Borders around all advertisements, except bleed. Publisher not responsible for materials left unclaimed for more than one year from date of insertion. If copy is not furnished by the closing date as contracted for, Publisher reserves the right to repeat last regular ad order and/or charge Client/ Agency for minimum space required under the contract. Publisher will not be bound by conditions, printed or otherwise, on contracts, order blanks or instructions when such conditions conflict with its policies.

Short rate billed at the earned rate to Clients/Agencies who do not complete contract schedules. Credits earned during contract year applied to future billing for space. No cash rebates.

Service charges billed on all receivables over 30 days at the rate of 1% per month. Billing date — 25th of month preceding issue month (cover date). Billing date and service charge rate subject to change.

Advertising designed and produced by the Grand Rapids Magazine and/or Hour Media LLC is exclusively for use in its publications and production charges cover only that use. Any other uses will result in applicable creative agency user fees.