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Break stuff

If you’re feeling upset or stressed, many people would suggest a quiet walk or a few deep breaths. Although that’s great and all, Break Room Therapy, 889 76th St. SW, Byron Center, offers a less traditional option. Guests are invited to let loose and smash, throw, hit and break objects all over the room to release their energy.

The “rage room” is filled with dishes, vases, glasses, plates, TVs, computer monitors, laptops, printers and more, all for guests to destroy.

Co-owner Dawn Levian said, “Society teaches us to be prim and proper, and this is an outlet where you can release any pent-up emotions or simply for entertainment.” Whether it’s to de-stress or just for a rush of adrenaline and fun, give Break Room Therapy a try.

Community dining

Sonder Eatery meal food and drinks on table
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One thing that guests are sure to notice when they walk into the revamped Sonder Eatery is the strong sense of community ingrained in every part of the restaurant — from the inviting food to the message that Sonder, 3380 Chicago Drive in Hudsonville, sets forth. At the restaurant, it’s a priority to use local meat, dairy and produce whenever possible to support Hudsonville’s farming industry.

Steve Hulsebus, general manager, said, “Sonder is more than just a restaurant, it’s a place for people to come, eat a meal, socialize and support the community.”

While supporting local farmers, guests can enjoy one of Sonder’s ever-changing specials or popular happy hour. Each dish combines different cultural elements to provide a unique experience to bring guests together and support the community.

Natural relief

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Husband and wife Stephen and Linsey Knight are the first to bring the pain-relieving benefits of hemp to Rockford. The pair recently opened Rockford Hemp Company, 43 E. Bridge St. NE, which offers many CBD-infused products like clothing, topical treatments, snacks and bath products.

The company’s goal is to help reduce the community’s pain, and to help do so, it offers 50% off CBD products to senior citizens, veterans and individuals on permanent disability who may be facing more pain than most.

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