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RevIVed Hydration customer
Courtesy RevIVed Hydration

Hydration therapy

RevIVed Hydration is setting out to help people in Grand Rapids “revitalize, re-energize and recover” in a very unique way. Recently opened at 1059 Wealthy St. SE, Suite E, RevIVed’s talented medical staff administers IV drips and booster shots to help with symptoms of hangovers, pregnancy, migraines, and to help with weight loss and general wellness.

By putting the vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, people have reported feeling the benefits of hydration therapy almost immediately. “After years of working in emergency medicine and witnessing how dramatically IV hydration can improve patient outcomes … our interest was sparked,” said Justin Bing, RN, who operates RevIVed Hydration with partner Dr. Jes Smith.

Even for people afraid of needles, the RevIVed staff makes the process easy. “Each of our nurses have started thousands of IVs in their careers, and we even use pediatric-sized needles to make your experience as painless as possible,” Bing said. People who want to take advantage of RevIVed’s services can either book an appointment directly in the office or pay a concierge fee to have the hydration delivered directly at their home.

Bucket list

"100 Things to Do in Grand Rapids Before You Die" book cover
Courtesy Reedy Press

With so much to do in Grand Rapids, a lot of people feel overwhelmed with options and they aren’t sure where to start in exploring the city. Norma Lewis and Christine Nyholm’s book, “100 Things to Do in Grand Rapids Before You Die,” offers a great list of Grand Rapids’ best attractions to narrow the search.

This book could be the perfect gift for someone new to the city or a great way for locals to find new places and experiences. The book has categories of food and drink, music and entertainment, sports and recreation, culture and history, and shopping and fashion, so, no matter what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be helpful information to inspire you and your next adventure in Grand Rapids.

Cheers to Michigan

Great Lakes Vodka box and bottle
Courtesy Foundry Distillery

From bumper stickers to T-shirts, it’s no secret Michiganders love to show off their state. Chad and Angie Bush have taken that love one step further and found a new way to celebrate the Mitten State with Great Lakes Vodka.

After 12 years of living in Rockford, they fell in love with everything about Michigan. They created Great Lakes Vodka as a way for other proud Michiganders to enjoy and honor the state with a nice drink. This vodka is pot-distilled and gluten-free, and it can be purchased at select Rockford and Grand Rapids stores.

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