Study finds Allendale is the hardest working city in Michigan

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A recent study from career resource company Zippia found Allendale is Michigan’s hardest working city.

The study made its determinations by examining nearly 4,000 cities and collecting data on the average hours worked per week, average commute time, average number of workers per household, and labor force participation rate.

In Allendale, workers put in 43 hours a week on top of a 19.4 minute average commute time. The city averages 1.9 workers per household. These numbers combine to make the small town, located 10 miles outside of Grand Rapids, the hardest working city in the state, and the fifth hardest working in the country.

Compared to the study’s top ranked city, Sudley, Virginia, Allendale workers spend a little more time at work, but not as much time commuting. Sudley workers average 42 hours a week and a 24.7 minute commute. The city’s average workers per household is also a flat 2.0, just a fraction higher than Allendale’s.

Allendale also comes in behind Forney, Texas; College Park, Maryland and Gardere, Louisiana. It outranks Commerce City, Colorado; Immokalee, Florida; Lexington, Nebraska; North Bay Shore, New York and Coachella, California.

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