Stop and Smell the Flowers with Meijer Gardens Latest Exhibition

Photo by Kevin Beswick
Photo by Kevin Beswick

The sweet, floral scent of summer is coming to an end with the advent of fall, but at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park there is still plenty of time left to stop and smell the flowers.

Meijer Gardens’ annual fall horticulture exhibition, “Chrysanthemums and More” opens to the public on Friday, Sept. 21. This exhibition, which Meijer Gardens said is the largest of its kind in Michigan, features expansive displays of chrysanthemums, fall foliage and family-friendly activities. The exhibition will be on display through Oct. 28.

This year’s focus will be on “Growing Local,” highlighting the local growers, farms, and food and drink items featured at Meijer Gardens. Guests will enjoy a wide variety of locally grown elements, including decorative, spoon, cushion, and quill chrysanthemums, with “pompon” blooms as small as a nickel to showy “spider” blooms measuring six inches or more in diameter.

Photo by Peter McDaniel
Photo by Peter McDaniel

Visitors will be greeted with vibrant displays of chrysanthemums “from the moment that they arrive” and “delighted by abundant floral arrangements of these bold blooms” as they walk through the scenic corridor inside of the main building.

Upon entering the Seasonal Display Greenhouse, a floor-to-ceiling chrysanthemum display will unfold as a focal point. Presentations of a five-sphere topiary, large disbuds and beds of colorful plantings will complement this feature in the nearby Earl and Donnalee Holton Victorian Garden Parlor. Outdoors, expansive beds of lush chrysanthemums will be arranged in large sweeps of color and will be balanced by a variety of ornamental plantings.

“With this focus on all things local, we have a chance to highlight the wide variety of chrysanthemums and other items grown locally in an exhibition that has become a wonderful fall tradition for our guests,” said Steve LaWarre, director of horticulture.

*Main photo by Kevin Beswick

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