Love is in the Air with this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Wedding portrait by artist Jasmine Wisz

A homemade card is sweet. A love poem is pretty crafty. Stop there with the homegrown items and trade up with solid gifts that show you care.


Puppy love. We’ve all been through it. If you own a dog or if you have a lover that does, surprise them with a customized watercolor portrait.

“A lot of people cry when they get their dog portraits,” says artist Jasmine Wisz, who also creates realistic watercolor wedding portraits, illustrations of couples and families with babies, and a handful of charming house portraits—but the dogs are the most popular.

“Our dogs are like our kids. They are a part of your life and sharing that with someone in a unique and artful way is heartwarming.”

And nothing shows you care like custom gifts. Wisz’s art isn’t something you can buy at the store. Planning bespoke watercolor art showcasing the people or moments in your life shows you put a lot of thought into a gift. In other words, we’re well past framing a printed photo. “It’s romantic—the watercolor and whimsy—it makes people feel special that you commissioned art for them. It’s not something people do on a daily basis.”

The personalized portrait process is simple: Clients send multiple photos of their subject and the artist picks her favorite one and after the Etsy shop purchase, you receive your artwork in two weeks. Wisz’s most recent favorite piece just happened to be a double dog portrait. “One older and one younger, you can tell they love each other.”

Your heart is in the right place with a custom pup purchase (or couple or house portrait) so head to Wisz’s website or visit her Etsy shop.


This brightly colored red tee spells out exactly what she thinks you are: dope. From weekend wear to nights out, this casual piece is only going to look better with age (or with a denim or leather jacket). Best part? The small can fit the ladies so it’s got borrowing potential, $32 at Everything AB.

He gets your heart racing, now rev his engine with Lake Effect coffee. This year’s blend consists of three incredibly vibrant and expressive coffees from Africa to warm your man during the chilly months (when he’s out scraping your windshield), $19.50 at all Madcap Coffee locations.


Guys, your lady carries her purse with her everywhere, right? If it’s something she uses daily, chances are good that it’ll get plenty of use (and remind her of your great taste on the regular). This zipper detail hobo bag with detachable shoulder strap is two gifts in one because it comes with a matching blush wallet, $69 at Jade Boutique.

With self-care initiatives on the rise (and research showing tea can improve your health), this Flirtea gift box scores major caring points. The four flavors can be served hot or iced so enjoy Citrus Hibiscus Herbal Tea, Pink Lemonade Green Tea, Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea and Just Peachy White Tea for maximum refreshment and hydration, $15 at Apothecary Off Main.

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