5 Things to Do on National Lazy Day

Lazy day in grand rapids
Lazy day in grand rapids

August 10 is National Lazy Day, and we’ve collected some the “laziest” activities for you to enjoy during this annual holiday in Grand Rapids!

Visit Happy Cat Cafe

Nothing says lazy like hanging around cats all day. Only $10 for an hour, you can pet and play with cats while indulging in your favorite latte at Happy Cat Cafe. The perfect chill day! You might even find a new furry friend to bring home!

Visit the Cinema

Watching movies on National Lazy Day is common sense, so visit AMC, Celebration Cinema or the UICA and see that new movie you’ve been dying to watch. You have definitely earned it.

Cozy up with a tasty drink from Ferris Coffee & Nut
Cozy up with a tasty drink from Ferris Coffee & Nut

Sip a cozy cup of coffee

Why not be lazy with a cup of coffee or tea? Grab a mug of your favorite beverage at one of many coffee shops in downtown Grand Rapids, like Madcap Coffee, The Sparrows, or Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge. Or, bring home some beans and binge watch that show on Netflix that you haven’t started yet.

chill in the park

We know this isn’t really being lazy, but hanging out at your favorite park can be quite relaxing. Visit Grand Rapids parks like Lookout Park, John Collins Park or Waterfront Park to have a nice, lazy walk.

Go Tubing

Enjoy a relaxing day tubing down the river with Pinky’s Tubes in Newaygo. Bring some friends and a drink or two and just enjoy the float. If Newaygo is too far, AAA Canoe Rental in Rockford is another fun, lazy option for you and the whole family. Or, check out other summer sports rental companies here.

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