Watching for Foxes to Perform at The Pyramid Scheme

Watching for Foxes performs at The Pyramid Scheme ahead of the release of its second album in 2018.
Watching for Foxes performs at The Pyramid Scheme ahead of the release of its second album in 2018.

Watching for Foxes is an up-and-coming band chasing after every musician’s dream.

The local, folk rock band began in Fremont, Michigan in early 2014. A few friends began rehearsing in their old high school and felt like they had something special.

“We kind of all went our separate ways and we came back from our different adventures,” said lead vocalist Joey Frendo. “We all ended up in Grand Rapids, kind of by happenstance, and started playing music together and we really hit it off.”

Band member Geoffrey Kartes believes the band has had “a series of good opportunities,” allowing it to be where it is today.

Watching for Foxes’ unique sound encompasses a raw, indie feel tied with soothing cello and howling harmonies. The folk band consists of Frendo on lead vocals, Kartes on cello and vocals, and Jared Meeuwenberg on guitar.

The bands stop in Grand Rapids marks the middle of a nationwide tour that runs through the end of year.

They’ve been enjoying traveling and touring across the states but playing at The Pyramid Scheme feels like coming home.

“We really do love The Pyramid Scheme,” Frendo said. “It’s been the place that’s launched our careers in our hometown, and it’s our favorite hometown venue. We’ve played with so many great bands.”

With its big tour coming to an end, Watching for Foxes is excited about the release of a new album. “Nostalgia in America” is the band’s second, full-length album and is set to release in early 2018.

Kartes likes to say the new album is “less about politics and more about basic human morals.”

“It’s about being a good person, it’s about treating every other human being around you as a good human being and doing the right thing. It just comes down to morals,” he said.

The album came to fruition after years of discussions and the band is anxiously anticipating its release.

“It’s been years of talking about our political views and our views on humanity and just being really close friends and being in the proximity of family and spending all this time together, that has created this rhetoric that we feel is really important to put into a cohesive work,” said Frendo.

The band produced the upcoming album in Grand Rapids.

“We’re passionate about sharing how amazing the creation of this album was for us,” Kartes said. “We did it with Roy Wallace at River City Studios, right here in Grand Rapids. We did it on their analog tape machine. The same machine that Elvis Presley recorded on, way back when. It was just an incredible process.”

They love the big stage, but at the end of the day, the band just wants to make an impact.

“We care more about people knowing our music, our music living on, and our music affecting and changing people,” said Kartes.

Watching for Foxes opens for Joshua Davis at The Pyramid Scheme on Saturday, Nov. 18The show begins at 8 p.m. with doors opening at 7 p.m. Visit Ticket Web for tickets.


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