Local music prepares for a rebound

After a year of livestreams, writing and recording new music, Grand Rapids musicians are ready to return to the stage.
Lipstick Jodi spent 2020 recording a new album. The band is eager to start touring again. Courtesy Hwa-Jeen Na

Over the past year, local music venues and concert halls have been accumulating dust. While the music and performance arts industry has been devastated by the COVID-19 outbreak, many local artists and musicians are channeling their creative juices into new projects. From writing more music to organizing virtual shows, these musicians have zeroed in on ways to continue honing their craft and finding artistic release despite the lack of live performances.

With a rebound on the horizon, many local musicians are eager to resume live shows and begin touring in support of albums they recorded during the pandemic and have released
this year.

Click on the links below to see how some local musicians dealt with the pandemic and what is on the horizon now that state is fully open.

Lipsitck Jodi realigns around new sound

Chronicling music during a pandemic

Switching gears, but not losing momentum

Music is the only option for Gianna Stansell

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