IIlumiZoo Wild Hues to feature themed music nights

Courtesy John Ball Zoo

John Ball Zoo will host five themed music evenings for IIlumiZoo Wild Hues.

The first music theme will be We Love the ‘80s on Oct. 13. Guests can walk throughout the zoo while guided by the top music of the ‘80s.

The evening of Oct. 20 will be themed Here Comes the Beatles. Visitors can twist and shout to the famous music of the Beatles throughout the zoo.

Rock, disco, funk and other music genres of the 1970s will play at the zoo on Oct. 27 as the theme for the evening is ’70s Flashback.

The evening of Nov. 3 will be themed It’s All Classical. Classical music will be playing throughout the evening while guests experience a richly illuminated, natural landscape.

The final night, on Nov. 10, Boy Bands Unite will be the theme. Music from Boy Bands such as BTS, NKOTB, NSYNC and The Jackson 5 will play during IIlumiZoo.

Tickets for IIlumiZoo Wild Hues are $20 for adults, $13 for children ages 3-12 and free for children 2 and under. Zoo members will receive a discount on admission. Themed music nights are the same admission price.

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