Fowling Warehouse Introduces GR to New Sport

Fowling Warehouse
Fowling Warehouse

Anew sport that combines bowling, football and horseshoes has come to Grand Rapids.

With roots in eastern Michigan, the first Fowling Warehouse opened in 2014 in Hamtramck, after a group of friends invented the game while attending an Indy 500 tailgate in 2001. They discovered a fun new take on bowling by launching a football instead of a bowling ball at a set of pins.

After that fateful weekend, Chris Hutt, Fowling Warehouse founder, took the game from tailgates to parks to Detroit area bars, gaining a following of Fowling enthusiasts.

“It gradually gained a following, and really inspired Chris to find a permanent location to house the game we all love. That is how the first Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck was born,” said Laura Sullivan, owner of Fowling Warehouse Grand Rapids.

Sullivan brought the game to Grand Rapids earlier this year, opening Fowling Warehouse at 6797 Cascade Rd. in February.

The 45,000 square foot warehouse features 30 fowling lanes. “Like a pool hall concept, walk onto a lane and play or call next on a lane. If you win, stay on that lane. If you lose, go find another lane,” Sullivan explained.

Sullivan said all it really takes to play the game is an ability to grip and toss a football. “Honestly, it doesn’t matter how you throw it. All that matters is that you try and have a good time doing it.”

Because the game is new to the area, Fowling Warehouse has lane referees to teach people how to play.

If you get thirsty, belly up to the bottoms up beer system or take a turn at the Mystery Beer Machine. Fowling Warehouse has over 150 beers and full liquor selection at its two 45 ft. bars.

Fowling Warehouse doesn’t have a kitchen but players are welcome to bring food in.

Besides open fowling, which costs $10 per person, Fowling Warehouse also offers lane reservations for $120 for up to 10 people for two hours per lane. Patrons must be 21.

Learn more at Fowling Warehouse Grand Rapids.

*Photo courtesy of Fowling Warehouse Grand Rapids

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