Celebration Cinema’s Pop-Up Drive-Ins return

Celebration Cinema's Pop-Up Drive-In Courtesy Celebration Cinema

Celebration Cinema announced the return of Pop-Up Drive-Ins at its Grand Rapids North and Lansing locations this week.

“Initially, we viewed Pop Up Drive-Ins as a temporary measure, to enjoy until indoor moviegoing became possible,” said Emily Loeks, director of community affairs for Celebration Cinema. “We extended them until the snow fell in 2020 because they were so popular and are now reopening them as the evenings get warmer and springtime movies are in greater abundance. They provide a different and fun option for moviegoers, with the benefit of open air and extra distancing.

The Celebration Cinema team has experience with drive-in theatres from their first season of operating pop-ups and longstanding operation of the Getty Drive-In in Muskegon.

“Drive-In movies were enormously popular last year,” Loeks said. “This spring and summer, we finally get to see a lot of new movie releases from Hollywood. There’s nothing like a giant monster movie at the drive-in!”

Celebration Cinema’s Pop-Up Drive-Ins are comprised of large shipping containers elevated and stacked on top of each other to form giant screens.

Patrons can watch movies of their choosing, including the debut of “Godzilla vs. Kong,” inside their cars using alternate spacing or in makeshift “camps” outside their cars in a Celebration Cinema parking lot. Guests can listen to the movies through an FM radio signal.

Movie treats and restrooms will be available inside the theater building. Customers are required to wear a mask when inside the building. Tickets can be purchased on-site or online. Those who purchase tickets on the Celebration Cinema website can scan them using their phones at the entry gate when they arrive.

“2020 brought us an awareness that doing things differently can be fun,” Loeks said. “Many of us discovered that there is something exciting and memorable about outdoor experiences, and drive-ins have always been downright magical. ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ is just the movie for those of us sticking around home for spring break.”

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