Things to do in Grand Rapids this weekend


    Glow in the dark axe throwing

    I got a hot tip that there was a new event called Glow Throw going on throughout October at FlannelJax’s. So I talked to the General Manager, Matt Muschiana. Muschiana grew up on the east side of the state and has  been living in Grand Rapids since 2003. Muschiana said he comes from a family that’s in the hospitality business. 

    Lisa: What is FlannelJax’s?
    Matt: FlannelJax’s is sort of a lumber jacked themed axe throwing business downtown Grand Rapids that is neighbors with the YMCS at Seward Ave. and Lake Michigan Avenue. 

    Lisa: What’s Glow Throw?
    Matt: Every October all of our stores do this sort of promotional event. It’s called glow throw. We black our store and paint targets with neon glow paint. It starts around 8 and will creep closer to seven toward the end of the month. It’s a lot of fun. Throwing axes with the lights on is pretty exciting and this adds a whole new element to it. 

    Lisa: Seems sort of dangerous…is it?
    Matt: Fortunately we have a very low incident rate. Some of our other locations have full bars and manage to keep everyone safe, but there’s no alcohol at our location. 

    Lisa: Wow, I can’t imagine what’s the liability insurance on something like this?
    Matt: I don’t know. Our guests fill out waivers and go through a concise but straightforward safety piece. 

    Lisa: Are there other FlannelJax’s?
    Matt: Right now we have three in the Midwest and then the further west you travel there are three other stores. It’s definitely a growing sport and it’s getting more popular.

    Lisa: It’s a store?
    Matt: Axe throwing facility – we don’t sell them (axes) at the store, but our staff is equipped to give recommendations if someone is thinking of buying one. 

    Lisa: Anything else to do there?
    Matt: In addition to axe throwing we have a one or two person sawing game. You’re using an “old-timey” log to crosscut a log. And then we have “Thump the Stump,” where we have our guest throw the hammer end of a hatchet to hit nails into a stump. It’s a little bit like a drinking game to pass time, but the way we do it is lumberjack-themed and has a higher level of safety to it. 

    Lisa: How did you get into this???
    Matt: My family and I used to run a restaurant and I wanted to have a job that was a little less stressful. Something still in the customer service field. In 2019 the job market was kind of funky. I saw an ad for a job for a lane coach…teaching people how to throw the axe. The guy who hired me was one of the main reasons I came on board.

    Lisa: Do people just show up?
    Matt: The facility does take walk-ins, but you can also call ahead or book a lane on our website


    Battle Bots

    The Comedy Project, 540 Leonard St. NW, Suite B

    Oct 21, 10- 11 p.m.

    This fast-paced, high-energy improv comedy show features the humans of our A.I. cast. They will use comedy to save the audience from total destruction!

    Fans of Whose Line Is It Anyway and Comedysportz will love this show and fans of not having fun will hate this show.

    Disco Carnival/Star Theater Fundraiser

    Saturday, Oct. 22, 6 p.m.

    Located at the Historic Four Star Theatre, 1944 Division Ave S. in Grand Rapids

    Costumes are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED at this fundraiser to support the renovation and rehabilitation of a historic building in the Burton Heights neighborhood of old Grand Rapids. This event will highlight the natural beauty of this gorgeous venue while contributing to further development of its core facilities and the neighborhood as a whole, which this theater was once a valuable resource and hopes to one day become again.

    This event will feature some of the region’s most talented and forward thinking DJs and artists. Circus performers, aerialists, jugglers, clowns and more will roam while patrons intermingle and dance to classic and undiscovered house, funk and disco.

    21+ Cash Bar/ Early Bird tickets are $10/$25 Day of event

    Buy tickets here.

    Trick-or-treating and Halloween-themed activities at the Children’s Museum

    Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, 11 Sheldon Ave. NE, has Halloween Activities and trick-or-treating on select dates throughout the month of October. 

    On Sunday, Oct 23, noon-4pm, Halloween activities include decorating pumpkins & a photo booth for capturing your costumed kids! Visit the website for more detailed information.


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