Museum event celebrates variety of cultures

    Photo courtesy of Grand Rapids Public Museum

    The Grand Rapids Public Museum welcomes visitors to experience a variety of traditions at a Cultural Heritage Festival Saturday, Oct. 15. The annual fall celebration features performances, presentations and food from around the globe.

    “This is a great opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity of West Michigan, take in a performance, and get a taste of the history, traditions, art and food of different cultures that make up our community,” said Rob Schuitema, the GRPM’s Director of Public Programs.

    The City of Grand Rapids and the surrounding area is replete with a wealth of diversity and cultural traditions, dating from early explorers and fur traders, to modern-day residents of various ethnic backgrounds who currently inhabit the region.

    For this year’s annual festival, the GRPM has partnered with a diverse array of individuals and cultural organizations to share their unique backgrounds and how they are connected to West Michigan. Included in the 2022 lineup of participating organizations are Shimmy USA, Motherland Culture Connection, The Mexican Heritage Association of West Michigan, Margaret Vega, Picardo and the Grand Rapids Scottish Society.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to explore two core exhibitions. The first is called, “Newcomers: The People of This Place,” which highlights the different cultural groups that have settled the Grand Rapids area. A second, “Anishinabek: The People of this Place,” focusses on Native American culture in the region.

    Another major part of the festivities includes a new planetarium show, “Big Astronomy: People, Places and Discoveries,” at the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium located within the Grand Rapids Public Museum complex.

    Big Astronomy‘ explores three observatories located in Chile. The show is narrated by Barbara Rojas-Ayala, a Chilean astronomer and will be presented in both English and Spanish.

    “Astronomía a Gran Escala” (the Spanish language title of Big Astronomy) will play at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m and includes a live introduction in Spanish by Luis Gomez of the Mexican Heritage Association of West Michigan.

    English presentations are at noon and 3 p.m.  In addition to these Oct. 15 presentations, the show will become part of the regular schedule at the Chaffee Planetarium, beginning Thursday, Nov. 24

    The 2022 Cultural Heritage Festival takes place Saturday, Oct. 15, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, 272 Pearl St NW, in downtown Grand Rapids.

    The price to attend the cultural festival s included with general admission to the museum. Kids who reside in Kent County get in for free. Kent County adults receive reduced admission every day.

    For additional information about the Cultural Heritage Festival and a full schedule of performances and presentations, visit


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