Improvements and new amenities

    A golf simulator and a 360-degree bar highlight restaurant group’s upgrades
    An artist's rendering of a new 360-degree bar at Cork Wine & Grille at Watermark Country Club is one of many enhancements planned at RedWater Restaurant Group. Courtesy art.

    RedWater Restaurant Group has been consistently making improvements to its properties across West Michigan to ensure they represent the highest tier of hospitality and entertainment.

    Most recently, RedWater opened a public golf simulator facility named LiveGolf Studios at Sunnybrook, located next to its Grandville restaurant, Rush Creek Bistro. The concept has three simulators side-by-side, as well as a private room, and features the best technology on the market. For added enjoyment, food and beverages from Rush Creek Bistro are also available to enjoy.

    Thanks to the popularity the company’s Caledonia restaurant, FireRock Grille, Rush Creek Bistro will also be introducing the fire rock concept this April to elevate its menu.

    But it’s at the group’s original restaurant, Cork Wine & Grille, at Watermark Country Club that a major overhaul is underway.

    An addition is tacking on nearly 2,000 square feet to the facility. The dining room will see its seating nearly doubled around a 360-degree bar that’s turned into the focal point of the restaurant. Doors from the restaurant will open up to a fully covered patio to help pull everything together. And like in Grandville, and several of RedWater’s other locations, there will be seasonal golf simulators at Cork for an additional layer of fun.

    “We’re always looking to improve our restaurants and event venues to provide an exceptional and unique experience,” said Leanne Stoll, marketing director at RedWater. “Over the past few years, we focused on the newest additions to our group located on the lakeshore. Now we’re circling back to our original properties for exciting updates around Grand Rapids.

    “We have an amazing following and we’re seeing new faces all the time, so we want to ensure that no matter which RedWater establishment you join us at, you have a memorable experience and leave wanting to come back for more.”

    For more information, reach out to RedWater Restaurant Group.

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