Capturing that hibachi feel

    Fried hot pepper roll. Photo by Jessika Cesilia Perez.

    While you won’t get shrimp tossed at you, Lucky Sushi Cafe in Grand Haven has the freshly grilled meat, noodles, and rice to capture the “hibachi” feel.

    Not far from downtown Grand Haven, off of US-31, Lucky Sushi Cafe at 1705 South Beacon Blvd. has delightful sushi options and savory hibachi. After missing the lunch menu—available every day until 4 p.m— a friend and I enjoyed dinner at Lucky Sushi Cafe.

    We started with a classic soup and salad. Customers have the option of a mushroom or miso soup. The miso soup was flavorful with tofu and scallions floating through every sip. After sampling the mushroom soup, we both agreed the broth tasted reminiscent of the miso, with a more intense and earthy flavor, this time with mushroom slices instead.

    An orange, house-made ginger dressing was atop the house salad, the flavor of which made for a very bright mouthful. The dressing was obnoxiously good. As a fan of ginger dressings, this one was well-balanced while still ringing high in citric flavor.

    The flavorful experience from the starters only continued as we enjoyed our main entrees.

    “Well-seasoned.” My friend shared between bites. The vegetables, elected noodles and chicken were tossed in the same savory, not-quite-spicy sauce that received head nodding praise.

    After swapping the salmon for tamago (egg) omelet, my fried hot pepper roll arrived with cream cheese, avocado, and jalapeno. Finished with spicy mayo and eel sauce, each bite was just crunchy enough, warm, and creamy. Depending on your sushi preference, the menu has both raw and cooked meat options. Soy paper, vegetable and à la carte rolls are an option.

    Lucky Sushi Cafe regularly posts new sushi rolls and specials online. Check them out at


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