Passion project

These working moms turned crafting night into a business.

Working moms and sisters-in-law Linsey Jones and Maria Curtis turned their crafting night into a successful business venture. The pair launched LIMA (named after the first two letters of each of their names) last year with the hope of offering “love, peace and kindness” through each of their products. LIMA’s products include candles and an all-natural body line. The lines are handmade by Jones and Curtis and distributed in chic packaging with fun and inspiring labels.

GRM: It sounds like this is a passion project for you two. Tell me how LIMA came to be.

LJ: We are both full-time working moms and it can be difficult to find time to hang out. So, initially, we started crafting as a time for us to relax, drink some wine and just enjoy each other’s company. We began by making soaps and realized how fun that was. We tried candles next and found that we really loved that process. From there, we honed our skill, did lots of research and decided to have our hand at starting our own business. We made our first official LIMA batch of candles and sold out immediately. From there, we were hooked, and we’ve never looked back.

GRM: What do you do when you aren’t working on LIMA?

LJ: Maria is a chemical engineer and leads the business and product development team for Meijer manufacturing, and I am a speech-language pathologist who works with kids who have communication disorders. It is a very fulfilling and rewarding job.

GRM: Tell me about the product lines you offer.

MC: The main staple is our thoughtful candles, but we also feature an all-natural body line that we are very proud of. Our body line consists of a lavender and vanilla body butter and an orange and peppermint salt scrub. We craft each of these products using only natural ingredients — you can actually read and pronounce them all — without adding any preservatives, chemicals or dyes. We also offer some home décor products like our chic reed diffuser and modern potpourri that brightens up any room.

GRM: With fall coming up, do you have new scents that will be available?

MC: We have a wonderful fall fragrance lineup. Our fun fall candles will feature notes of cinnamon and pecans, vanilla and bourbon, peppercorn and orange peel, spiced honey and coriander, among others. We will also be debuting a coffee line that will transport you to the mountains of Colombia, bringing you warmth, and uplifting your soul.

GRM: Is there anything new on the horizon readers should know about?

LJ: (This fall) we will debut our LIMA candle making happy hour, a two-hour candle-making workshop for friends to gather and create their own thoughtful labels while having a glass of wine. LIMA products can be found at Parooz, Kennedy’s Flowers and Gifts, Tandem Studio, Blackbird, and Lennon & Willow.


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