Survey: 1 in 3 Michigan families planning takeout for Thanksgiving

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A survey from found that one-third of Michigan families plan to skip traditional family gatherings and instead order takeout or meal kits for their Thanksgiving meal this year.

The survey asked 3,000 participants from across the country about their Thanksgiving plans for 2020. Nationally, it found that 1 in 5 people plan to video call family members rather than risk an in-person gathering. In Michigan, that number is 1 in 3, similar to the number of residents planning to order takeout for this year’s holiday.

The survey reported mostly similar numbers across the country with many states ranging between 30% and 45%. The low end includes Louisiana and Iowa, where only 19% and 20% of families reported takeout plans, respectively. The highest numbers come from New Hampshire (69%) and Vermont (66%).

Michigan’s percentage is lower than that of its neighbors Ohio (41%) and Wisconsin (43%) but higher than Indiana (24%).

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