Priority Health helping those who lost employer health benefits

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Priority Health announced it created a new option to help those who have lost their employer-based health benefits due to COVID-19.

By combining a short-term plan to bridge any coverage gap, with special enrollment in an individual ACA plan, Priority Health is helping consumers safely move from their employer-sponsored coverage to a new plan without the risk of going uninsured during the pandemic.

Priority Health said it also is offering a deductible credit to all new individual members transitioning from an employer group plan.

“At this time, more than ever, it is crucial that every person in this country has health insurance,” said Joan Budden, president and CEO of Priority Health. “We have pushed ourselves to get creative with solutions to address this pandemic, and our new combination plan makes it possible that no one will have to go a day without health insurance.”

Priority Health offers ACA plans as low as $0 per month for those that qualify for subsidies, and short-term plans that start at less than $100 per month. The company is also waiving enrollment screenings for the short-term plan for anyone who chooses this combination approach.

Medicaid eligible Michiganders can receive a no-cost Priority Choice Healthy Michigan plan with coverage that starts immediately. The plan provides free transportation and coverage for doctor visits, preventive care, hospital stays, emergency services, maternity care and prescription drugs.

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