Cannabis company rebrands as T.H.C.

Cites shift will focus on products sourced from minority, women, and legacy growers
Brandon Kanitz, CEO of Tend.Harvest.Cultivate. Courtesy photo.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so do its companies. Grand Rapids-based cannabis company Fluresh has announce that, effective immediately, its new name will be Tend.Harvest.Cultivate.

“This shift also better aligns with our vision to become a house of brands. Cannabis consumers come from every walk of life. Being able to meet individuals where they are and provide their ideal experience, is what will continue to set us apart,” said Brandon Kanitz, CEO of Tend.Harvest.Cultivate. The new name reflects a the company’s renewed missions and visions and its commitment to cultivating quality flower, advocating for positive change and creating consistent products for customers. “We are excited to embark on this new chapter and will continue to push ourselves to cultivate amazing products, alongside our customers, partners, and stakeholders,” Kanitz said.

The stand-alone retail location will operate under a new name and look. Customers can look forward to a retail space designed with every type of cannabis user in mind. The location will serve as a “tasting room,” of sorts, showcasing the full offerings of the T.H.C. house of brands. In addition to industry recognized favorites, new offerings will reflect a push to focus on more unique products sourced from minority, women, and legacy growers. “Fluresh” will remain a staple brand under Tend.Harvest.Cultivate, and will be dedicated to offering accessible cannabis flower, gummies, and vape carts for the value-focused user.

“We will never be satisfied with the status quo and will continue to look for opportunities to improve processes and business practices in order to lead by example. Working within such a young industry and company, our work is far from done. I’m excited to continue cultivating positive change, especially in our own company culture,” said Sarah LaFleur, Vice President of Marketing and Retail. “As T.H.C., we are committed to promoting inclusivity and making a meaningful impact in the industry and throughout the lives we touch.”


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