Lecture explores Lake Michigan shipwrecks


Ever wander along Lake Michigan’s shores and find what looks like pieces of an old boat?

Rather than tossing it back in the water, an upcoming lecture series can educate you on how you can contribute to archaeological history.

Michigan Maritime Archaeologist Wayne Lusardi will be presenting the MMM Maritime Lecture Series “The Robert’s Cove Wreck: Combining Archaeological and Historic Research to Identify a Shipwreck” from 6:30-7:30 p.m., Jan. 22, at Michigan Maritime Museum, 260 Dyckman Ave., South Haven.

He will talk about some of the basic things anyone can do to record these sites to help with documentation and identification.

“With (the) high water levels and storm activity the Michigan coastline has endured, we’ve gotten many calls about historic shipwreck material on the beaches and what people should do about it,” said Ashley Deming, museum director of education. “Lusardi’s expertise will discuss what people can do when they find material on the beach and how best to share that with experts.”

Admission is $8; $7 for seniors. For more information, visit the Michigan Maritime Museum website.

Photo courtesy Michigan Maritime Museum

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