Uptown GR to add new murals, art installations


Uptown Grand Rapids Inc. will continue its initiative to support local artists by adding new installations and murals to the buildings of businesses this month.

The artworks will be on display in four business districts, which include Eastown, East Fulton, Wealthy Street and East Hills.

The project has been funded through Uptown’s Corridor Improvement Authority and it has been organized through its design committee. The artists and their proposed installations were selected by other artists and owners of businesses whose buildings will showcase their installations.

“Uptown places great emphasis on the importance of the arts as a vital part of its thriving and welcoming culture, especially as we are located in an arts-focused community that is so rich with homegrown talent and ability,” said Ingrid Miller, executive director of Uptown GR. “We see these installations as a continuation of an ongoing initiative that we plan to continue to support in the future, one that showcases and supports our local artists and their visions, while adding to interest and excitement in Uptown.”

The project also leveraged Hannah Berry of Lions & Rabbits, who has been a liaison between the Grand Rapids arts community and the city. The district plans to keep its residents and visitors updated on the project via its social media channels as to when they can view the works of the local artists.

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