Survey: Michiganders’ average home workout lasts 18 minutes

Photo by iStock

According to a survey by IRunFar, the average home workout for Michigander’s lasts 18 minutes, matching the national average.

Men were seemingly more motivated than women, averaging 20 minutes per workout session compared to the women’s average of 14 minutes.

The state with the longest average at-home workouts was Delaware, averaging 50 minutes per workout. Maine had the shortest workouts at an average of six minutes.

Fifty-seven percent of people said they’re less fit now compared to pre-pandemic times, but one-third say they have been ramping up their workout intensity as COVID-19 restrictions ease and summer is on its way.

One-third of people say they will feel too self-conscious to join a gym or work out outside when restrictions are lifted.

The survey also showed that 68% of people would prefer to spend their time going out and drinking with friends than working out.

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