Classic and cute: Duffield Lane layers up for winter


If you’ve ever had to run your garbage can to the end of the driveway first thing in the morning before getting dressed for the day, you understand the need for cute pajamas.

Jamie Duffield Courtesy Duffield Lane

Jamie Duffield said her motivation for starting Duffield Lane came about as she was on the search for pajamas that she “would not be embarrassed to be seen in, whether it be while visiting my in-laws or just running out of the house for a quick minute.” There were few options at the time, so Duffield created her own line of classic, high-quality pajamas — bringing Duffield Lane to life in the process.

“We started our line by making classic pajamas out of the highest quality knits we could find in Peru,” Duffield said. “The idea was they needed to be comfy enough for PJs but cute enough to wear out, and the funny thing is people did wear them out! We realized there was a real need for clothes that were classic and cute, but also really comfortable. So, we expanded to offering dresses and tops in our signature Peruvian knits and things really took off from there.”

Today, Duffield Lane offers five collections each year, which include its Peruvian knit pieces as well as complementary specialty fabrics like seersucker and cashmere blend sweaters.

Duffield shared some of her must-haves for the winter season.

Grand Rapids Magazine: Duffield Lane takes its inspiration from the water and beaches, so how does that translate into the colder, winter months?

Jamie Duffield: I’m a big fan of the beach during all seasons. I love bundling up and walking on the beach even in the winter months, and I think the ice on Lake Michigan
can be spectacularly beautiful.

My favorite winter styles are cozy and easy to layer. We have some amazing modal interlock sweatshirts and fleece styles that look just as cute layered up with scarves. These can be paired with cozy leggings for a relaxing beach walk or can be dressed up with jeans and cute booties to wear out on the town.

GRM: What are some trends you are expecting to see and some of the items you are
excited about?

JD: I think this season is going to be all about comfort and versatility. A lot of us are not back to our normal routines and activities yet and I think our wardrobe will reflect that. I
think we will all be looking for styles that are comfy enough to wear around the house that still make us feel cute. We have some fantastic cozy tunic sweaters and fresh fleece styles in our winter collection that I can’t wait to wear.

GRM: What are a couple of your must-have items?

JD: This winter  we’re looking forward to cozy items, especially during quarantine. Duffield Lane is going back to our “roots” and launched new pajamas this October. The new
collection includes fun, cute and comfortable PJ sets made with soft Peruvian cotton.

GRM: Tell me about your new Mommy and Me line?

JD: I’ve always thought our clothes would translate well to kids, but this idea did not really take off until I had my oldest daughter Jacqueline. I’ve learned so much about kids’ clothes, style, fit (and durability) during motherhood.

Duffield Lane offers kids’ styles that directly match our adult looks, or styles similar to our adult looks (matching color palettes, prints or patterns). I love coordinating looks with both of my daughters for family holidays!

GRM: Is there anything else you’d like readers to know?

JD: During these uncertain times, we have seen overwhelming support for local businesses in Grand Rapids. We encourage people to keep shopping local and supporting small businesses during these times.

Duffield Lane is at Breton Village, 2457 Burton St. SE.

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