Study: Michigan ranks third-best state to visit this fall

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Michigan placed third in a new list ranking 2020’s best and worst states to visit this fall.

LawnStarter compared 47 states (California, Oregon, and Washington were excluded due to recent wildfire events) on the following five categories: parks and forests, entertainment, trails, yard size and natural hazards. In total, the study looked at 16 metrics and determined the best autumn destinations based on the proportion of the state covered by national and state parks, pumpkin patches, wineries, scenic drives, hurricane risk and more.

Michigan ranked third in the entertainment category, as well as third overall. Alaska took the second-place spot, while New York was rated the top destination. Other Midwest states also made it into the top 10, with Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois rated the sixth-, seventh- and eighth-best states to visit, respectively.

In addition, Michigan ranked ninth in the parks and forests category, while its Midwest neighbors Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois were rated 30th, 16th and 35th.

Michigan’s rank in each category (1 = best)

  • Parks and forests: 9th
  • Entertainment: 3rd
  • Trails: 19th
  • Yard size: 12th
  • Natural hazards: 11th

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