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Sydney Spellis has style tips for every occasion — and season
Hairdresser Sydney Spellis shows off her layered, coordinated fashion on a rainy afternoon. Photo by David Sparks

Braving Michigan winters is a feat in itself, but coming up with outfits that keep you warm and look good? That’s a totally different game.

Here, Grand Rapids hairstylist Sydney Spellis shares her favorite winter trends, her unique perspective as someone in the beauty industry, and her answer to the great side part versus middle part hair debate.

Does being a hairstylist inform what you decide to wear at all?

In general, I have to know what haircuts are trendy and what clothes look good with them. I think everyone should think of their hair as part of their outfit, especially if you’re going for a certain look.

For my clients, I think about how they typically dress when brainstorming hairstyles with them. If they’re more of a classic-dress type of person, I might talk them out of trends like the wolf cut or the ’70s shag, since those two styles don’t really match up.

For myself, I like to start with my hair and then complete my outfit. If I’m having a bold day of patterns, I’ll normally do a sleek low bun, a low ponytail, or a cute messy top knot so my outfit is the main focus. If I want my shirt to steal the show, I can’t be hiding behind 20-inch hair!

I also love fashion colors on hair. Over the last six years, my hair has been lavender, teal, mint, silver and more. I generally pick icier colors in the winter and warmer colors during the spring and summer. It’s pink right now because I’m going on vacation.

What are some tips you have to look chic while staying cozy this winter?

Right off the bat, my biggest worry is hat hair. So, I would say cute earmuffs are a great option if you’re walking around outside when it’s cold but also trying to not ruin your hair.

As for the rest of the outfit, layering is super important, but be creative about it. I love wearing sweaters over silk dresses. Also, don’t be afraid of patterns, colors and textures. I feel like an animal print is a must during the winter. I have a leopard blazer that I wear all the time. Of course, don’t forget your big scarves, over-the-knee boots and fun mittens.

What’s a staple that’s in your closet year-round?

Blazers. I have five different blazers that I rotate around because I feel like you can make them classic or funky depending on how you wear them. If you want a casual look, you can wear it with a graphic tee and jeans. If you’re trying to dress it up a bit, wear it over a crop top and some fun patterned pants, like plaid.

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