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Design engineer Noah Baldwin keeps an active approach to his wardrobe while solving problems.
Noah Baldwin
keeps his cool at Tanger Outlets in Byron Center. Photo by Michelle Cuppy

Noah Baldwin, a design engineer at Steelcase, spends his days solving puzzles and designing solutions.

He loves exploring aesthetics and thinking outside the box, and his fashion is no exception.

Whether he’s working as a stylist for his family band, 10K to Flight, or crushing his pals in a rousing game of “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate,” Baldwin puts his best foot forward, mixing colors, patterns and letting his style speak for itself.

Grand Rapids Magazine sat down with him to talk inspiration, fashion favorites and more.

Grand Rapids Magazine: What does fashion mean to you?

Noah Baldwin: Exercise and fashion actually go hand-in-hand in making me who I am today. I used to be a very quiet and shy person and always got stressed stepping out of my comfort zone. Now, I am a very outgoing person who loves to make new friends. Much of that came from the confidence I gained from working out and consistently stepping out of my comfort zone with new fashion items and styles.

GRM: Where do you get inspiration for your looks?

NB: Honestly, it comes from color combinations. I mean, a lot of people will say it comes from designers or something, but I actually tend to take mine more from digital art. If I see a cool background on a computer or something, I’ll try to match colors with that background. It’s a little unique, but it’s really fun to do.

GRM: What prints are you into right now?

NB: I love ’70s style, especially bell bottoms. I like the modern style a little bit more. They don’t flair quite as much, but I have a pair that I wear to work fairly often that have the plaid look, the faded color, and they fit really nicely and complementary. I’m really getting into ’70s-style checkered patterns, lines — just fun. They pair well with solid-colored shirts and jackets and things like that.

GRM: Let’s say you could create your ideal jacket. What would it look like?

NB: This is like asking a parent who their favorite kid is; you love them all. I will say I love the classic black leather jacket — the biker style with the diagonal zipper on it, but I also love the color burgundy. I have this light bomber jacket in a deep burgundy color. I think if you could mix those — that color and that texture is really fun for me.

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