Spruce up your décor for the holidays

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Mix traditional items along with natural materials, such as wood and live greenery, for a nice balance of both color and texture. Courtesy iStock

It’s nearly that time of year when we escape the snow to our warm homes, sit before a fire and reminisce in front of a softly lit Christmas tree.

Sure, it’s a busy time of year, but few things are more enchanting than the holiday season.

As a design firm, Via Design’s approach to the holidays goes back to fundamentals: The design must reflect the meaning of the season.

Make it intentional

The holidays celebrate relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Personal touches to gifts highlight the bonds we have made with each other. Whether it’s a holiday card or a tin of homemade fudge, a simple gift can be made significant with a special addition.

Giving doesn’t need to be tangible. Choose a charity that is meaningful to the person you’re giving to and make a donation in their name.

“Our gifts to clients are significant to the stories they share with us. In the past, we’ve given handmade cookies designed with their company logo. It’s a personal touch they appreciate and remember,” said Valerie Schmieder, interior designer and principal.

Reuse and reduce

You don’t need to purchase new decorations each year. The holiday season is filled with nostalgia, and some of those memories resurface from the tried and true décor used by your family over the years.

“I always look forward to hearing clients’ stories when I help them decorate for the holidays. One client likes to tell the story of their family’s nativity scene. It’s a special memory for them, recalling where it was purchased and who was there,” interior designer Sara Dupin said.

Before taking out your holiday decorations, remove existing accessories to avoid clutter. Switch out your coffee table books with vintage Christmas novels. Replace your mantel décor with your favorite holiday pieces.

Keep it simple

Between visiting family, holiday parties and Christmas shopping, the holidays can feel like a whirlwind of events. Decorating may seem like another to-do on your list, but a few easy tricks will spark the holiday magic in your home.

If you’re looking to refresh your décor this holiday season, replace a few of your old pieces with ones that suit your aspired aesthetic. For a contemporary style, choose a neutral color palette, a mix of brass and copper metals, and organic materials, like birch branches or pinecones. Traditional flannel stockings are festive and complement a modern holiday look. Add a few sprigs of live greenery for color and texture. The fresh scent of pine helps connect the space with the season.

When it’s time to prepare gifts, simple wrapping materials can create a sophisticated and thoughtful design. Ivory paper with a burlap ribbon is beautiful and timeless. A bright red ribbon over black and white buffalo check paper is a festive alternative.

The best way to design for the holidays is to focus on what the holidays mean for you and your family. Whether it’s a few votive candles and a garland on your mantle or a statue of Santa welcoming you in the foyer, design for the joy and nostalgia of the season.

Aricka Gannon is marketing and communications coordinator at Via Design, a full-service design firm specializing in architecture, interior design and furniture design. Via Design serves Grand Rapids and the West Michigan community with projects ranging from interior residential to large-scale commercial.

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