A Patriotic Painter

Bosnian refugee turned business owner shares wisdom on the American Dream.
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As we celebrate our independence this season, a local residential painter is celebrating the success of opening a franchise, his story the embodiment of the American Dream. Arriving in the United States as a 7th-grader, Saudin Hodzic’s tale of resilience is a testament to his determination and what one can achieve in our land of opportunity.

Saudiin Hodzik with his wife and children. Courtesy photo.

After immersing himself in the hydraulics industry for nearly two decades, Hodzic realized that his true calling lay elsewhere. He’d always enjoyed working alongside his father, so he followed in his footsteps and ventured into the realm of remodeling, carving out a niche for himself as a painter, and achieving success along the way.

As the proud owner of Fresh Coat Painting of Cascade, Hodzic’s entrepreneurial spirit shines brightly. His business is not just about painting walls; it’s a platform for his creativity, and proof of his ability to make a dream come true.

Hodzic exemplifies the virtues of hard work, and the belief that anything is possible with perseverance and dedication.

Saudin Hodzik is suited up to paint. Courtesy photo.

Grand Rapids Magazine: Where are you from?
Saudin Hodzic: I am originally from Bosnia Herzegovina it used to be called Yugoslavia. We had that ‘not fun’ war and we fled here.

GR Mag: How old were you when you moved to Grand Rapids?
SH: I started seventh grade in school here and graduated from East Kentwood.

GR Mag: How did you get into remodeling and painting houses?
SH: As a little kid my childhood was destroyed because of the war. I got with my dad in construction stuff. I was nosy and wanted to do things myself.

SH: I worked for a hydraulic company for 18 years. Everyone was telling me I was in the wrong business. So, I trusted myself. I decided to move forward with something on my own. I started a remodeling company (Better Touch Remodeling). I could not grow anymore. I always wanted to be part of something big, so three months ago (at the time of print it will be five) I started with Fresh Coat paint.

GR Mag: What made you choose to specialize the painting end of remodeling?
SH: I always loved painting and that’s why I took this big step and bought into a franchise, I want to be represented in good and best possible way. It’s locally owned, nationally backed.

GR Mag: What type of painting projects do you do?
SH: Interior and exterior, residential painting company. We remove popcorn ceilings, remove wallpaper, stain decks, stain floorings, painting interior exterior siding anything regarding paint, stucco, everything regarding, remove wallpaper and do new wallpaper. It’s coming back into style again. Also, lime-washing fireplaces. We take old school brick fireplace and lime wash and color it. Still exposes some of the old-fashioned brick, an elegant type of style. Even shutters, gutters. We paint everything. (Not cars.)

GR Mag: How many people do you have working for you?
SH: A total of five and a group of contractors, with proven background checks.

GR Mag: So, what are the advantages of working through a national franchise? SH: Fresh Coat teams steps in and figures out all the numbers. Everything gets done professionally.

GR Mag: Anything else you want to say?
SH: I had a bad childhood with the war. Civil war is never good. I love the American Dream. They don’t know what they have. I’ve been in Italy, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Austria, and Germany (I have families in those places – we all fled to different places after the war) and a bunch of cities. I don’t think anything compares to America. What the United States offers you is limitless; it’s how much you want. If you ask me, you just have to believe. The sky is the limit. It’s all about how far you want to go.

GR Mag: What do you like most about living in the USA?
SH: The rules are the same for everyone… freedom of speech, you know? I’m strongly against racism. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

GR Mag: Any other words of advice?
SH: Don’t be jealous of other people. Extend a hand if you can help. Life is too short to be mad about stupid stuff. If you have opportunity to, grow.

For more information contact Fresh Coat Painters of Cascade at Fresh Coat Painters. Ask about the 3/3/3 guarantee!

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