Cat Footwear offers staycation Fort Challenge

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With Labor Day right around the corner, families looking for one last summer hurrah can find it in a new Cat Footwear Fort Challenge that offers six blueprints for making forts at home.

Cat Footwear introduced the challenge, which includes a library of blueprints and step-by-step instructions for creating “magical escapes” out of everyday household items.

Perfect for a long weekend imaginative “getaway” without the risk of travel, a bit of after-school stress relief or a date night under the stars, the virtual kit includes something for everyone — kids and adults alike.

The pillow-and-blanket designs include a whimsical outdoor tent, UFO light beam and couch castle, and people are invited to create their own fort masterpieces by tagging @catfootwear and #CatFortChallenge on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Fort descriptions

Garden UFO — Stage a friendly UFO encounter using string lights and simple household items. The result is an Instagram-worthy light beam that will take you “out of this world.”

Deep Sea Adventure — Transform your outdoor space into an under-sea adventure. Household fabrics and accessories mimic relaxing ocean waves for a dazzling, aquatic-inspired hideaway.

Whimsical Tent — This cozy setting will transport you anywhere your imagination can take you: a masquerade ball, a colorful carnival; the list goes on. DIY decorations bring this space to life, building a creative and fun hang space for all ages.

Crawl-in Movie Theater — The hottest movie theater in town is … the living room. Movie night will no longer be the same with this fun take on a drive-in. Don’t forget to BYOP (bring your own popcorn).

Camping Under the Stars — Celebrate the outdoors wherever you are. This fort allows you to build your own campsite in the living room or the backyard. Get ready to make some s’mores in the oven and dream up your own constellations. What are you going to name the first one?

Enchanted Library (+ Secret Reading Nook) — While we can’t go to the library right now, we can still get lost in our books. Reading is the best way to let your imagination soar while you’re staying inside. This fort includes a library to store and pick out your books. There might also be a cozy reading nook to enjoy your stories in the blueprint.

Create-Your-Own — Have a cool idea for your own fort? Design your own fort from three base ideas and go for it. No rules, no limits — just your imagination. Cat Footwear will show off the designs tagged @catfootwear and #CatFortChallenge.

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